12 December 2006, 18:37  

A little bit of brutal beauty – Julie Strain here!

Here she comes – the extreme-loving merciless heroine of your dirtiest wet dreams... Give it up for real brutal beauty from the hardcore universe of F.A.K.K. – and see my new series of XXX pics exposing Julie Strain nude!

Yeah, like this! A pompous enough introduction, isn’t it?

Alright, there’s hardly any time to waste, so let’s get straight down to business! This time I’m to present you 5 new, burning hot images of irresistible queen of action games – Julie Strain! Among the advantages of this series are: the unbelievable quality of the pics, interesting technique and maximum similarity of the images and real screenshots from the game.

First two images are aimed at scaring the shit out of the observer. ;) As for me, the second pic always gives me tingles... Looking at a strong, muscular Julie Strain naked except for a tiny red latex suit would be fine – if only she wasn’t squeezing a set of freshly-cut balls in her hand!?

The third image is my favorite. Dunno why – it just is!? Frankly speaking it looks a little old-school but it doesn’t spoil the general impression at all, huh?

The fourth and fifth pics leave us all some space for imagination – and they definitely are a valuable addition to the newborn Julie Strain gallery... Latex is cool – and the see-through white cloth is even better!

So... That’s mostly it – welcome into the merciless world of F.A.K.K.! Don’t lose your mind and your balls while surfing through this gal – I’ll be expecting the posts with your impressions here! ;)

08 December 2006, 05:25  

Batgirl’s incredible jugs – now on paper!

What about a couple of fresh images depicting the irresistible princess of Hentai Batgirl! This time it’s something a lot hotter than usual – simply ‘cuz, as you all have already noticed, the pics are real handmade ones! This time I decided to present our supernatural hottie on paper – which already makes this work unique!

The first pic exposes the Batgirl naked after a hard day spent fighting Evil. She’s sitting all alone on top of some box with her coat under that yummy firm butt of hers and slowly pulling one of her high boots off. Needless to say that the rest of her stunning body is already free from the tight clasp of latex superhero outfit – except the face which is still hidden behind the mask. Looks mysterious, huh? ;)

The second pic... Well, I admit that there’s a little bit of overestimation here! ? However, supergirl Batgirl has to have supertits, doesn’t she? This image is a little less revealing than the first one since the batgirl is exposed only topless – but don’t judge me too strictly! Just imagine what I would draw between her spare hips being in such an overestimating mood... ;) This pic makes me think of a new comic series – "Batgirl doing Supergirl"! I already imagine these busty kitties coming together...

All in all, I should say that drawing on paper was a really great experience for me! Now the rest depends on you – judging by your comments I will decide whether to keep on making such old-school Batgirl porn comics or not. Don’t hesitate to comment this work right here – I’ll be waiting!

29 November 2006, 01:09  

New and nastiest images depicting insane superhero clusters!

Hi, everybody - time to enjoy a new series of burning-hot hentai images featuring a whole cohort of our beloved comic heroes - XXX Batman and Batgirl, sexy Catwoman, horny Lightning, unbelievably hot Wonder Woman and inimitable Superman and Supergirl caught while having real crazy hardcore sex!

The very first pic will be just a warm-up for most of our members - here we can see a young raunchy Batgirl lifting her latex cloak and fucking herself with a massive rubber sex toy. BTW, how do you like the technique of coloring used on this pic - I made it look like real old-school penciling. Looks cute, huh?

Done with the first pic? Move on to the second one - it is much much hotter already. Our famous porn queen Catwoman gets screwed real hard - old hardcore buddies Batman and Robin are pounding onto both of her little smooth holes with their giant dongs while the Batgirl forces this adorable humble victim into pleasing her with a good tender lick.

The third image continues the theme of group fucking - but this time the busty princess of hentai Wonder Woman is the one to get drowned in sticky juice gushing out of Lightning's and Superman's erect cocks. Meanwhile, horny fucker Batman is pumping the Wonder Woman's asshole next to xxx Supergirl who's pleasing her wet twat with some deep brutal fisting!

The last image is a nice example of old good xxx Superman fanfiction - our levitating friend is pumping his busty Supergirl high up in the skies. That's what the peak of pleasure is all about, huh? ;)

Enjoy the fresh series - and don't forget about the ones that are still coming! You will never guess what I will please you with the next time - all I can say is that you're definitely going to like it! ;)

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