26 December 2006, 14:50  

VIP brothel – only for superheroes and their supercocks!

That’s something real fresh! We are presenting our brand-new hentai series "Sexy Brothel"! Already starting to guess who’s working there? Today we’re proud to introduce the nastiest whores at our place – sexy Supergirl and unbearably hot Wonder Woman!

The very first pic of the series was generously devoted to the most desired superslut of all times – Supergirl!

Unfortunately for the eagerest of you, we’re not going to show the Supergirl fuck straight away. Let’s begin with something a little softer – like this yummy image of her sitting on the bed in seductive lacy lingerie and black fishnet stockings. Superhoe is almost ready for action, so we all should start getting ready for it too!

The second image exposes the lady who is really popular at this site as well – sexy Wonder Woman! This unbelievably seductive brunette’s pussy is already oozing with fragrant nectar – but still she never walks too far away from her shield. Kinda sexual protection, ain’t it? Frankly speaking, that’s one of very few Wonder Woman hentai images where she’s not depicted as a brutal muscular freak – and it’s really nice!

Liked these pics? There’s so much more coming – you won’t believe your eyes when you see it! First, Supergirl and Wonder Woman are going to get rid of their yummy costumes. And then... Then the time of Supergirl sex will come followed by a massive portion of Wonder Woman porn! Sounds seductive? Then watch it, enjoy it and don’t forget about posting new comments!

20 December 2006, 19:20  

Spiderman gets caught – and he doesn’t mind it!

Another image featuring the all-time XXX superhero – take a look at this nasty Spiderman hentai masterpiece!

So what can we see here? Spiderman is back home – deadly tired after another hard day spend in fruitless attempts to catch the Green Goblin in some dark corner and give his green metallic ass a good work-out. To his surprise there’s someone waiting to help him relax... Damn! That’s the black cat girl!

She’s not aggressive at all, though! Moreover, there’s Mary Jane next to her! Spiderman gets so horny and so... puzzled. Meanwhile, the ladies approach him – both dressed in tiny black latex costumes – long legs looking even more seductive in these high-heeled black boots, bare firm butts gleaming as if oiled... Another step – and they are already next to him, careful hands sliding along his muscular body... lower and lower...

But what are they hiding behind their backs? Shit! Looks like nice soft Spiderman hentai is going to turn into perverted Spiderman BDSM action!? Someone’s flexible ass is in trouble ‘cuz the babes are ready to snap the handcuffs shut and whip the shit out of our hero with this nice long scourge...

The quality of this black cat spider man image is pretty cool – what I like the most are the shining asses!? I really want to ask the Spiderman cartoon maker to draw the next pics as quick as possible because I’m really eager to see what’s gonna happen next! It’s definitely going to be hard to say something bad about this work – but if you want to try, go ahead!? Positive comments are also welcomed!

17 December 2006, 02:06  

A little trip into the future – fasten your seatbelts and st

Who’s that – slowly walking through the dump of rusty ballistic missiles? Here she comes... closer... Playful wind hovers by with an unexpected gust making her mini skirt fly up unveiling little lacy thongs while she lifts the bottom of her tee to wipe off her full wet lips. Wonder what little Nina has just finished doing there around the corner? That’ll always stay secret!?

This amazing beauty is the fruit of imagination of one of my friends – a really delicious fruit, I should say!?

The image was made on the computer with so much accuracy that the quality is almost blameless – as blameless as Nina’s perfect round boobs.

That’s how my friend sees the future – poisonous orange skies, decay and... mind-blowing hotties walking around all alone waiting for some guy to appear and bang the shit out of their little hungry holes in the cockpit of some wrecked A-bomber. Well, what can I say? If it’s the future, I’m closing this project and going off to starting working on the time machine!?

There’s something really special about this work... (I don’t mean the boobs – even though, they are cool, no doubt!) Probably it’s her eyes – the look of a wild cat that has just satisfied her unbearable hunger by gulping down a huge creamy load! All in all, this pic definitely deserves an A-mark!

Think the same? Then post you comments here to encourage our genius to create the sequel! IMHO, I’m slowly starting to fall in love with this babe? Hope that the next gust of wind will be strong enough to pull her panties off as well...

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